Monday, January 30, 2006

Give me Convenience or Give me Death

Or How the hell did we win the Cold War?

Most people in the US don't pay attention to the issues, don't get involved and don't know what's going on. To be certain, most of them don't care for the Bush agenda, but their inaction pretty much enables the Bushies to do whatever they want.

The "liberals" you see on TV are completely disconnected from the population and even the activists within their own party. They are part of the DC cocktail circuit and are playing by the gentleman's rules of another era. They do not understand that the right wing is converting America into a banana republic, both politically and economically. If they did realize it, I'm not sure they'd care.

Moreover, the media itself is largely an arm of the right wing. The only liberals they let on TV are inarticulate, not photogenic, poor arguers and spineless. Where's Barbara Ehrenreich, Paul Krugman, etc.? The media spouts Republican talking points, criticizes the Dems every time they do anything, and don't even do a decent job of covering the news. Missing white women: Oiu! Pix of dead Iraqi civilians: Non!

Give us Survivor! Give us McDonalds! But please God, don't make us get off our fat asses and save American democracy!

Now I'm depressed. You figure there's room in Canada?


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